Nature was incredibly generous with the Seychelles, a legendary paradise whose appeal lies in its unspoiled beauty, diving, fishing and water sports. They have become synonymous with the most relaxing vacations, the most romantic honeymoons and the brightest beaches in the entire Indian Ocean. Inland, the thick jungle-covered mountains gradually give way to spectacular rocky outcrops by the sea and white beaches, with incredible coral reefs visible through the crystal clear water that surrounds the islands. The splendor of the Seychelles transcends nationality, and its timeless appeal is a source of wonder for visitors from all over the world. For further details please contact us


Organization was outstanding as every open query was duly followed up, giving us the peace of mind one hopes for when on vacation. We particularly appreciated Paul’s patience and willingness to answer our countless questions –a true gem for our first safari-.

Perenoud & Ball

Geneva, Switzerland

We are extremely pleased that Asaray booked us with Tanzania DMC. The car and the driver were so much better than the others we saw. We will use you again for future travel.


Cincinnati, USA

Everything went like clockwork in a very friendly, warm and professional manner. We were extremely impressed.

Peter & Paul

Paul made our trip one will remember forever. He took great care of anything  we needed, was always professional, knowledgeable and pleasant.

Sally D.

Kentucky, USA

Naiman was an absolute pleasure to have as a guide. We enjoyed every minute we spent with him. He showed us all of the animals and was extremely knowledgeable when it came to numerous questions.


Washington DC, USA

A beautifully planned trip where each day brought something even better than the last. What made our trip exceptional was our driver/guide Paul. He was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional and he went above and beyond our expectations every day. We plan on recommending him to our friends and family and hope to come back ourselves someday.

Jennifer & George

Virginia, USA

It is very nice to have a guide with huge knowledge of its country, animals in the park, geology and ready to share it.


Toulouse, FRANCE

Paul has been the best guide we could have wished for. Extremely knowledgeable, not only about wildlife but about Tanzania, its people and its most critical topics as well. Always very friendly. He surprised us with attentions throughout whole trip to make it an unforgettable, truly unbelievable experience.



Leonard was the perfect guide. His unlimited knowledge about the animals, land and people was fantastic. His enthusiasm every day was very energizing and friendly.

Rivka & Ronny,

Ottawa, CANADA

Our Driver Alex was very corteous, respectful and has a very good knowledge about the parks, roads, species, history and experience. He made our experience first trip to Africa and our honeymoon a life event that we will keep and remember forever with a smile on our faces. ASANTE SANA.

Pamela & Alex,

Washington DC, USA

This Safari was the most incredible trip. Can’t wait to return to Tanzania. I didn’t think Haji could do better than our last Ranger Safari guide but I was wrong. HAJI MADE THIS TRIP SPECTACULAR.


Virginia, USA

The Modifications of Itinerary with the help of Emanuel made for a smooth, enjoyable trip. Our children enjoyed the trip and were kept engaged by Emanuel. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind.

Dev & Sheetal 


Absolutely Outstanding! We had an amazing time at every location. Paul was fantastic; he was very knowledgeable regarding the plants and animals as well as the local people. He knew every park like the back of his hand. If ever we return (and we plan to) we will request him by name. We could not have hoped for more from our guide. We are recommending TANZANIA DMC to all our friends and family. ASANTE SANA.

Matty & Tracy,

California, USA

George was a fantastic driver and guide throughout our whole trip. He provided us with so much information and shared his vast knowledge of the crater and all the animals /birds we saw. Thank you for everything George and especially for being such a safe and careful driver. Hopefully we can come back and tour the Serengeti with you soon.

Brock Family

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA